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4 Steps To Protect Guns From Rust

Since guns are an expensive investment, their maintenance is also crucial. While most individuals usually buy firearms for hunting, shooting, or recreation purposes, others keep them purely for self-defense and safety. However, what about the safety of the gun?

No matter what material your gun is made of – steel, titanium, aluminum, etc. – it has the tendency to rust. When the material is exposed to moisture and oxygen, rust starts forming on the exterior and ruins the stability and functionality of your firearm.

Fortunately, there are ways to help you protect your guns from rusting – and this doesn’t mean your firearm should be locked in a box for most of its life. As firearm and ammunition suppliers, the experts at Eagle Arms know how crucial proper gun storage and maintenance is for rust prevention.

Here are the top four tips from the gun rust prevention professionals at Eagle Arms to help you keep your firearm in premium condition.

1. Regular Firearm Cleaning

Oils and salts transferred from your fingertips to the gun’s exterior can trap moisture, which will turn into rust over time if not cleaned. Therefore, regular firearm cleaning is an essential part of preserving its condition and functionality.

While cleaning, make sure to remove traces of burnt gunpowder and other debris from the gun. They can trap moisture which again leads to rust formation.

2. Proper Storage

Guns kept in the proper gun case stay rust-free for a longer time than those stored elsewhere. In addition, a gun case can seal out compounds, such as moisture, salt, dirt, and act as a defender against harsh oxidation.

Choose a gun case that is hard-sided and foam-padded to protect your gun from abrasion. Also, make sure the gun case is dustproof and watertight. This will keep the rust-causing particles away from your firearm.

3. Protection against Humidity

A gun stored in a case does a better job at keeping out thieves than one exposed to moisture and rust. However, to ensure your firearm is rust-free and works efficiently when deployed, you need to take some additional measures.

According to The National Firearms Museum, a 50% humidity level is ideal for gun storage. To achieve and maintain this level, you can either use a dehumidifier or add any climate-control mechanism to the area where your firearms are stored.

4. Use High-Quality Anti-Rust Spray

Anti-rust sprays are the most crucial defenders against rust formation. A light application of anti-rust spray during gun cleaning can help prevent rust from forming. Avoid solvent-based products, especially those that have high VOCs or animal by-products. Such anti-rust sprays can damage the exterior of your gun and attract insects due to their pungent smell.

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