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5 Major Pistol Upgrades Every Pistol Owner Needs Right Now

If you are looking to enhance your pistol’s capabilities, several upgrades are available for various preferences. Here are five pistol upgrades every gun owner needs right now to ensure their firearms function optimally.

1. Maintenance and Inspection Upgrades

Performing routine checks often highlights the need for essential upgrades. Here are some standard upgrades that will do a world of good for your pistol.

  • Pistols are the most customizable guns on the market, and it’s essential to make sure they’re personalized well for you. Ensure your grip is positioned correctly with a new set of custom grips.
  • Keep your pistol running smoothly by replacing worn-out parts like springs, firing pins, extractors, magazine followers, and ejectors. When in doubt – replace them all!
  • Ensure that your magazines work reliably every time you need them by regularly cleaning them and using inserts that offer proper feeding into the chamber.

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2. Flashlight

A flashlight is a much-needed accessory that makes home defense and target shooting more effortless. Gun flashlights are relatively inexpensive; they improve visibility during the dark and can be a valuable tool.

3. Suppressor

Quieten the noise your pistol makes by adding a suppressor. A suppressor can help you shoot without disturbing your neighbors or friends. Guns are loud, and a device like this will reduce the noise enough not to disturb others. Pistols also have minimal recoil when shooting with one of these devices on; many people find the experience of shooting with a suppressor less fatiguing. Since most suppressors only weigh around two pounds, shooters get the added benefit of convenience by carrying their weapons around more easily.

4. Trigger

Adding a new trigger to your pistol is an excellent way of making it easier to use. However, the problem with many handgun triggers, especially for new shooters or those who have never used the particular gun before, can be that they’re difficult to press and require more strength than what’s necessary. Since pistols are all about precision, a slight hiccup can have serious consequences.

5. Extended Magazines

Extended magazines are a favorite of veterans as they give them more ammo to shoot in one go. Although this is not classified as a technical modification, it is still worthy of being on this list. The best part about extended magazines is that users can customize them according to their needs and preferences.

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