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5 Things First-Time Gun Buyers Need To Consider Before They Purchase A Handgun

More than 30% of Americans own firearms. And as we write this, three million guns have already been sold during COVID-19 and the 2020 Elections, as more and more citizens exercise their Second Amendment rights. 

That said, the first-time gun purchase can be a complicated affair, especially if you have no prior experience with firearms. The wide range of weapons and accessories overwhelm buyers. And then you also need to keep local and federal gun laws in mind. 

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Here are five things to consider when you buy your very first handgun. 

1. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

One thing you will notice about most gun shops is that they are very patient with questions from visitors. You should also be comfortable and honest regarding what you’re looking for and why. 

Just remember that there are no silly or wrong questions during a first-time gun purchase. So don’t rush the process and take your time to communicate your needs and requirements. This will allow the salespeople to find a gun that is the right fit for you.  

2. See If It Fits

The importance of fit cannot be overstated.

How a gun fits in your hand is necessary for safe and accurate handling. If the weapon is too big or small, it can cause fumbling and even serious accidents. 

The salesperson will hand you the unloaded gun with the grip towards you so you can check the weight, size, and fit. Be careful, though. Don’t place your finger on the trigger, and point the gun towards an empty area. 

This is also an excellent time to check the gun features such as ejection buttons or de-cockers. Again, if you are confused about any detail, don’t hesitate to ask questions. 

3. Discuss Caliber Size

First-time buyers should opt for a gun with a caliber they can handle. But the caliber must also be powerful enough to immobilize the target. 

But don’t fret over these technical details. Focus on getting the right firearm and let the store personnel or shooting range instructors recommend the proper ammunition.

4. Consider The Expenses

Gun price is irrelevant when you are concerned about your safety. That said, you should also budget for additional expenses, such as transfer fees, taxes, and ammo. 

Accessories will further increase your bill. We recommend that you take some time to test your gun at the shooting range before adding accessories like laser sights. 

5. Give A Test Run

Finally, see if the gun store offers rental options. That way, you can test the weapon on a shooting range before buying it. It also helps to explore your gun options online, so you are better prepared for shopping in-store. 

Other Things To Consider

Before closing, you should also give some thought to how you will carry and store your new firearm. 

The holster is a key accessory if you want to carry a gun. Depending on which gun you choose, find a holster that is durable and offers a good fit. 

Many gun owners keep their weapons in a safe. You can invest in a small quick-access safe for a defense gun,  or you can get a larger safe to store your gun with other precious belongings.

If you plan to carry the gun in your car, make sure to bring it inside when you return home. The glove box is not safe for overnight storage. 

That’s about it!

Keep these things in mind when making a first-time weapon purchase. And if you need friendly and professional assistance in Breinigsville, PA, look no further than Eagle ArmsClick here to explore our inventory.