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5 Ways To Remove Rust From Your Gun & Prevent It From Corrosion

No matter where you store your firearm, rust finds its way on your beloved metal weapon. Carry guns are more susceptible to rust and erosion because of sweat and humidity. 

If you have recently purchased a gun, it will be anodized for rust protection. Even then, your local weather, as well as weapon usage, can cause scratching, fading, and rust over time. 

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Here, we list 5 ways to remove rust from your gun and keep it free from corrosion. 

1. Steel Wool

While abrasive materials help remove rust, the wrong choice of material can scratch the finish of your firearm. That’s why you can consider using a steel wool pad. Pour a few drops of oil on the gun and smoothly and gently rub the surface with steel wool. Leave for a while, and then wipe the gun with napkins or old newspapers. Repeat the process if necessary. 

Note: While you can use cooking oil to clean guns, it’s better to get an oil brand specifically made for firearms. 

2. Copper Brush

Secondly, a copper brush is another minimally abrasive material that you can use to clean gun rust. Once again, use a few drops of oil for lubrication and gently brush the firearm’s surface.  

Before you start, feel the gun’s texture so that you can compare ‘before and after’ results. Also, make sure that your work area is steady. Once you are done, wipe the surface after a while and remove the surface sediments. 

3. Baking Soda And Battery Charger

Mixing battery charger and baking soda is an excellent solution to remove rust from alloy, brass, aluminum, and copper firearms. However, this method requires some caution. 

First, create electrolyte by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda in a gallon of water. Next, carefully place a steel rod in the water to act as an anode or positive terminal, while the cathode will be the solution. 

With the charger plugged in, connect the cathode to the rusted areas and anode the rod. Bubbling water indicates that you’re doing it right. The process should go on for three to five hours. After that, remove the gun and wipe it with a cotton cloth. 

4. Dremel Rotary Tool

Along with removing rust, a Dremel rotary tool with rubber bonded wheels is effective for a variety of applications. Examples include eliminating trigger serrations, stretches, markings, engravings, and rounding edges. The tool is easy to use and helps to achieve almost a perfect finish on your gun. 

5. WD-40

Finally, we have the good old WD-40 solution. It helps to remove rust and also protects the surface against moisture. Simply place your gun on a flat surface and spray over rust areas. Leave the firearm for 24 hours, and then spray again. Use a rag or napkin to wipe the surface, and your gun will be as good as new. 

Overall, you can prevent your guns from rust by storing them in a cool, dry place and cleaning them regularly with a dry cloth to avoid moisture buildup.

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