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A Guide To Picking The Perfect Handgun For You

Purchasing a new handgun can be a challenging exercise, especially if it’s your first time shopping for ammunition. Limited experience and awareness about handguns mean that you’re vulnerable to information overload. In this case, you’ll be bombarded with tons of options, making it difficult for you to shortlist the ideal choices and decide.

A handgun purchase guide helps you avoid falling prey to substandard gun vendors and making a hasty decision. If you’re looking for a guide that enables you to choose a handgun that is best for you, then we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a compilation of some important factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect handgun.

The Gun’s Purpose

First and foremost, you need to have a clear purpose in your mind. Having clarity helps you determine the price points you can afford and set a budget for the purchase.

There are different reasons why people purchase a gun. Some purchase handguns for target practice, while others need them for self-defense. Regardless of the reason, you must ask yourself the following questions before handing over your card for purchasing a handgun.

  • What features do you require to be successful at shooting?
  • Do you need a concealed carry?
  • Will you put rounds for home defense in your pistol?


Although practicing safety is necessary, it doesn’t mean that each gun needs a safety switch. People keeping handguns for their safety usually don’t prefer using a safety switch. Imagine forgetting to turn off the safety switch in the case of a heated armed robbery where the assailants have their guns pointed at you. A dangerous confrontation requires you and your handgun to be ready at all times.

However, on the other hand, first-time buyers purchasing a handgun to practice and sharpen their shooting skills must remember to use the safety switch. People inexperienced with using handguns become an imminent threat when they roam around without switching off the safety switch.

Gun’s Weight and Feel

The overall feel and usability of a handgun are important factors for a person buying it for the first time. The heaviness of the gun, its grip, and the feeling matter a lot. Remember that the gun should not be too heavy; otherwise, it will feel awkward in your hands. This could also throw you off your aim.

Ammo Capacity

A guide on how to pick the handgun will be incomplete without discussing the ammo capacity. Simply put, ammo capacity is the number of bullets your handgun carries. If you need a gun with more than six rounds of fire, you should not opt for a revolver. Semi-automatic weapons offer a larger ammo capacity; you might want to check them out if you need more bullets. 

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