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Best Firearms In Video Games We Wish Existed In Real Life Too

As avid gamers, we regularly across some of the most exhilarating technology. Although we know it is fantasy and imagination, some of us wish they were available in real life.

Shooting off powerful enemies in the gaming world with various cool weapons can be relaxing after a hectic day at work. While the guns we see in the gaming world are most likely to adorn our walls in real life (unless, of course, a zombie apocalypse), there is a longing that develops inside after using them in a game.

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While you can find a diverse product range in our catalog, here are some firearm types we see in the games we play and wish they were available in real life – only for fair use.

Portal Gun From Half-Life Series

Now, this is something interesting. Anyone who has played the exciting Half-Life series would agree with how fascinating this gun is. Having a gun like this can give you numerous imaginative ideas.

Feeling hungry? You can shoot a portal on your fridge while sitting or resting on the couch and grab whatever you want to eat from there.

Want to get ready for a meeting and too lazy to walk to the wardrobe? Grab your portal gun and choose your favorite formal attire.

We can think of many ambitious ideas when using the portal gun; this is precisely what makes the portal gun awesome.

BFG 9000 From Doom

Anyone who has played Doom knows how much fun the BFG 9000 is. One look at the gun is enough to tell us how amazing this gun is going to be. The BFG 9000 covered most of the screen room when used; it also emitted a cool green glow.

The BFG 9000 changed the whole experience of playing Doom. The chainsaw did come close in terms of quality experience, but to be honest, it was just not as good as the BFG 9000.

Laptop Gun From Perfect Dark

Computer and tech geeks out there will surely enjoy using this one. Appearing in the videogame Perfect Dark, the laptop gun is both a laptop and a gun. The gun gives you James Bond vibes as you take out targets using a product that no one suspects is a weapon. The use of the laptop gun, however, is limited throughout the game.

We are sure gaming fans can point out even better video game guns than the ones mentioned above. It’s a pity. Although these guns aren’t available in real life, Eagle Arms can provide you with a premium quality slice of real-life ammunition in Allentown, PA. Click here now to browse some of the best firearms we have on offer.