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Factors To Consider When Traveling With A Gun

The troubling times we live in require us to be extra cautious at all times. The bad guys in town don’t take leaves for vacations and are on duty, always looking to harm innocent people. This is why we understand your need to travel with a bit of security. While there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile to protect you and your loved ones, you need to consider many factors and laws when deciding to do so. This guide lists down tips for traveling with firearms and the legal considerations you need to take.

Firearm Transportation

Ideally, the best way to safely transport a firearm is with the help of a hard gun case with a foam interior. A firearm case protects your weapon from mixing with other luggage and also keeps it safe from all the dings and bumps on the way. However, all travelers must remember to carry their guns unloaded and locked securely in a case. The guns need to be locked in a separate compartment, where they are inaccessible to fellow passengers and not visible to people outside. If you are looking for handguns or accessories in Reading, PA, visit Eagle Arms.

Airline Travelers with Firearms

The rules and regulations of different airlines allow passengers to carry a firearm. However, as the rule of law, the gun you carry should be unloaded and inaccessible to other passengers. International travel guidelines clearly state that the weapon should be lodged at a distance from the carrier during the flight.

The firearm should be transported from a personal vehicle to the check-in desk without any interruption during travel. Also, don’t forget to present printed documents of your gun in case of questioning by the airport staff.

Traveling by Car

You must be familiar with the state and federal laws when traveling with a firearm. Each state has different gun laws regarding firearm transportation. Generally, the best way to transport a firearm is using hard-shell protection, which keeps your gun safe from rapid movements.

In most cases, passengers can cross state lines with a firearm provided they’re unloaded and stored in the manner mentioned above. However, concealed-carry permit holders are an exemption in some states. It is important to map out your itinerary and get accustomed to the laws and regulations of the areas you’ll be visiting.

Choosing the Right Gun Case

Having the right gun case makes traveling with guns easier. Not only does it prove that you are a responsible citizen to the authorities, but it also secures your firearm from existing threats.

When choosing the proper gun case, you should opt for a case that comes with an extendable carrying handle and has watertight protection. A foam interior and crushproof construction keep your firearm safe from all bumps and jumps on the way.

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