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Firearm Maintenance – How To Clean And Take Care Of Your Guns

Cleaning guns is an integral part of firearm maintenance. Not only does it help to prevent malfunctions and jams, but it also helps the gun last longer. Cleaning your guns is a necessary activity that should be done regularly to keep them in good shape and protect yourself from any potential accidents. It is crucial to clean your firearm thoroughly to help prevent corrosion and rusting of the metal parts inside the gun barrel. If you are unsure how to clean your rifle or pistol, this article will serve as a handy resource for doing so correctly.

Read the Instructional Manual

Make sure to read the instructional manual for how to clean your firearm properly. Your manual will give you valuable information about how to disassemble your specific gun, clean it, how long the process should take and what you will need for supplies. Following the guidelines provided in the manual will help prolong the life of your firearm.

Get the Right Tools for Cleaning Your Gun

You will need a few supplies, but nothing too much out of the ordinary. You will want lint-free cloths or rags, solvent (for removing any oil/grease), bore snake brush or patches if needed, lubricating oil, and a gun cleaning kit. The type of solvent you use will depend on how dirty your guns are and any residue leftover from previous disassembly or firing. However, do refer to the manual first to ensure you get the right supplies.

Ensure that the Gun is Empty

Before you begin cleaning your firearm, make sure it is unloaded! This may seem like common sense, but accidents do happen. Even if the gun has not been used recently but is not fully disassembled for cleaning, ensure it is empty before moving forward with this process.

Determine if the Gun Needs a Quick Wipe-Down or a Full Breakdown

Determine how dirty your firearm is before you begin. A quick wipe-down with a clean, dry cloth may be all it needs to get back into working order after sitting idle for some time or if it has not been used recently. If the gun appears very greasy and grimy, complete cleaning of every part will likely be needed.

Lastly, ensuring that your firearm is clean will help prevent dirt from becoming trapped inside of moving parts which can cause jamming when shooting. A simple cleaning should be done every few weeks, but if you use your gun daily, then cleaning should be done daily or weekly (based on usage).

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