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Firearm News: Best Brand New Guns for 2021

2021 is seeing an unsuspected demand for firearms. Most firearm manufacturers cannot catch up with the unprecedented increase in demand as gun buyers continue scavenging for the best deals.

There may not be a plethora of brand new guns to talk about this year, but still, there’s enough to keep us all excited. Given the recent sales, it is safe to say that customers are more interested in handguns and rifles. Home security is of top priority for most customers as securing the family takes the front seat in Breinigsville, PA.

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When looking for the best pistol or rifle, you need to ensure that you are well-versed with the market. We have made a list of the latest guns that have caught our eye and ones we think you would definitely like.

1. Browning X-Bolt Mountain Pro

Browning has updated its list of bolt-action rifles with the introduction of the X-bolt Mountain Pro. The Mountain Pro is made of stainless steel and is protected by a customizable bronze or tungsten finish. The lightweight rifle weighs less than 6 pounds, which reduces recoil by more than 77% percent.

2. Cz P10f

If pistols are what you are looking for, then do consider the CZ P10F. The polymer-framed pistol gives the Glock 19 a run for its money, thanks to its more excellent mag capability. Not to forget that the pistol comes with one of the best feeling triggers you can find out there.

3. Glock 43X MOS

Catching up with the trend of single-stack pistols is the Glock 43X. Suppose you were looking for a miniature pistol that connects the dots between the carbine and the traditional pistol. In that case, the 43X MOS is what you should consider. The pocket pistol is also equipped with 15 rounds of shield magazine. Super light and concealable, the Glock 43X is a highly functional pistol that you should consider for home security.

4. Treats From Savage Arms

Savage is one of the few revolutionary gun manufacturers that is shaking up the rifle scene in America. The Impulse series, which includes the Big Game, the Hog Hunter, and the Predator is the most exciting and innovative rifle to come out this year.

While introducing a host of innovative features, the guns hold the traditional Savage Arms’ touch by incorporating the AccuTrigger and the AccuFit stock. The carbon-steel barrels are threaded specifically for muzzle devices. At the same time, the receivers come equipped with a 20 MOA rail for night vision.

What makes these rifles even more exciting are the bold finishes that give them a predatory look. Also, the matte finish on each is truly a sight to behold!

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