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Greenhorn Galore: 5 Rifles To Scout For Before Hunting Season Begins In Pennsylvania!

A greenhorn is a person fresh to the intricacies of game hunting, and while being mocked and pranked on by more remarkable contemporaries, there is always room for advice and growth. The number of rounds fired and the size of the game bagged can make or break a greenhorn’s reputation, so it’s essential to have ample gun-range practice in forest environments and have the proper lady by your side.

Here are some loyal hunting rifles and slug guns that you can start your hunting career with; honor them, and they will always fire true for you.

1. Remington Sendero SFII: 

This beanfield sniper supports a heavy 26-inch barrel that packs some serious firepower for nailing accurate shots over long distances, thanks to the scope accessorizing. It’s a heavy rig to support (about 10 lbs.), so be sure to have the brawn for it. The Sendero comes in a range of magnum cartridges. Currently, there is .300 Winchester Magnum for huge bucks, the .300 Rem. Ultramag. is superb for bringing down stags, and the 7mm Remington for smaller deer. You can get the 7mm Rem. for your kid as a deer hunting initiation gift!

2. Sako 85 Finnlight II:

It’s a reliable light build coming in at 5.6lbs and comes in stainless steel with a 20.4-inch barrel that works surprisingly well given its thin barrel and other lightweight features. The accurate shot chambers to .308 Winchester and has a carbon-fiber resin injection-molded stock that is to die for! Despite the light build, the rifle can heat up without giving any performance issues; do mind the mild recoil! It is ideally suited for accurate deer hunting in the bush.

3. Ruger American: 

This weapon is absurdly accurate across its many variants. Chambering at .243 Winchester, the .270 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and the .308 Winchester; the magazine can house up to 3 rounds, and the stock is amply balanced to allow for a free-float barrel. It’s iconic for its adjustable trigger that gives off a crip release and adjustable pull weights to make up for happy trigger fingers. Don’t judge the flimsy look of the Ruger; it’s an all-time dead shot for deer hunting all across the world!

4. Savage M220 Stainless Camo: 

This rifled slug gun chambers at 20-gauge, which isn’t as tenacious as a 12-gauge, but it provides for a lighter shot at close range without straining your shoulder. It’s excellent for greenhorns and can be customized for a camo fit. This savage slug-gun also comes with the iconic Accu-Trigger to regulate trigger pressure for ease of use. If you doubt this weapon’s efficacy, then know that it can bring down hogs; hence it’s great for small game.

5. Nosler M48 Patriot:

Like you, dear greenhorn, this one is the kid on the block. Designed for bringing down medium-sized game, the 6.5mm caliber with 3400ft covered per second is deemed among the most potent commercial cartridges. It’s features and firepower are overkill on accuracy, range, and reliability. The entire rig looks like a craft forged in heaven, and it’s easy to gauge that this weapon is designed by serious hunters looking to bag their biggest game yet.

We hope you liked the beauties mentioned above. If you require sourcing these rigs or scoping accessories in Lebanon, PA, Eagle Arms can help with that. Plus, you can also check out our online inventory on some serious firepower for all walks of life. We look forward to having you drop by our page for greenhorn guides and advice!

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