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Gun Bluing: The Ultimate In Gun Preservation Solutions

Gun bluing is a maintenance process that Eagle Arms gunsmiths can perform for you. It beautifies the gun, protects it from rust and corrosion, and provides a layer of protection against scratches. We pride ourselves in providing this service to gun owners who want to keep their firearms looking new for years.

What is Gun Bluing?

Are you looking to service your firearm or just spruce things up a bit? If yes, this article is for you!

Rust is removed from the metal during gun bluing, scratches are covered up, and the color is added back to your gun’s finish. It also prevents corrosion and provides a layer of protection against any future damage.

These results are achieved through an oxidizing chemical reaction, where the surface iron on your gun forms a black oxide. You can further improve this oxide’s protection capability by treating it with a water-displacing oil.

What’s the Difference Between Cold Bluing and Hot Bluing?

Before diving in, it’s essential to understand the difference between cold bluing and hot bluing.

“Cold” bluing offers rust prevention by way of a thin layer created when a Selenium-based compound colors your steel black or dark gray. It works best in quick repairs and touch-ups.

“Hot” bluing, on the other hand, is used for large-scale jobs and provides better rust resistance. It involves submerging the steel in boiling water with sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrate alkaline solution.

Some gunsmiths use the term “gun bluing” for a thin coating of black oxide. Heavier coatings are known as “black oxide,” but their chemical conversion processes vary.

Is Gun Bluing Safe?

Yes, but be careful because the process uses acids that can burn your skin and eyes. If the solution comes in contact with clothes, it may cause discoloration.

These substances are also highly toxic and may cause death in children and adults. If you accidentally swallow or come into bare-skin contact with these acids, immediately call for medical help.

To prevent such accidents, use protective gear when dealing with toxic substances and keep both hot bluing and cold bluing solutions away from children.

Alternatively, and for better results, consult the professionals. At Eagle Arms, we provide gun-bluing services in Gettysburg and several other places across Pennsylvania.

Is Gun Bluing Durable?

If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your firearm without frequent repairs, hot bluing may be your answer. Hot bluing will last much longer, even with regular holster wear.

Cold bluing, on the other hand, is comparatively short-lived.

You should not perform either process on any non-ferrous materials because they only help against corroding on steel or stainless steel parts. Never try to hot blue aluminum – the caustic salt bath will violently react with the aluminum and cause severe caustic burns.

Parting Shot

For owners looking to recover that classic black look, gun bluing is an excellent way to go.

And to achieve the best results, we are here to help gun owners with gun bluing. If you live in Gettysburg, PA, Eagle Arms is the place for gun bluing.

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