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Gun Safe Vs. Gun Cabinet: Which Is the Better & Safer Choice For Your Home?

How and where to store your gun is a critical decision you have to make before purchasing a firearm. From the multiple options available, you must choose one that is more convenient, accessible, and – perhaps most importantly – safe for you and your family.

Today, gun safes and gun cabinets are the two most popular options available. Gun safes are sturdier and provide extra protection to prevent the weapon from falling into the wrong hands and avoid accidental shootings. On the other hand, gun cabinets are more suitable for those with a wide range of guns and ammunition and those who choose to display their firearm collection in their house.

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For new gun owners, the decision between a gun safe and a gun cabinet could be difficult. This blog post covers the main features of both gun safes and gun cabinets to help you make the right decision!

Gun Safes

  • A gun safe is much more robust and durable and is designed to allow the owner to withdraw the weapon with ease in case of emergency. The security feature in a gun safe also prevents the gun from being mishandled. 
  • Gun safes are available in different sizes to accommodate guns of various sizes. A handgun safe can only be occupied by a single weapon, while a larger handgun safe can store many firearms simultaneously. The long-gun safe is designed for larger guns like shotguns and rifles. 
  • Gun safes are made of steel, and their thickness can vary based on the model of the safe. You may opt for thicker steel versions for higher security as these gun safes are difficult to be drilled into and opened. 
  • High-security models of gun safes are equipped with password protection locks, allowing for faster access in an emergency. 
  • Gun safes are ideally placed inside closets or bedroom drawers, but if that is not possible, you should store them in a place where humidity or moisture cannot damage the gun. 

Gun Cabinets

  • A gun cabinet’s primary purpose is to store your collection of weapons and ammunition for display purposes. 
  • Gun cabinets are made of wood like regular cabinets and have glass doors fitted to allow people to view the collection without touching it. 
  • Gun cabinets are not too costly, and you can also construct them yourself.
  • Moreover, since gun cabinets are made of wood, they are lightweight and easy to move. 
  • Gun cabinets usually come with regular locks.
  • Gun cabinets are merely for display purposes and they don’t provide enough security to prevent the firearms from being stolen or protection from harsh weather conditions. 

The decision between opting for a gun safe or a gun cabinet can be taken by assessing your personal situation. If you have purchased a gun for security purposes and want to keep it away from children and family members, then the suitable option is a gun safe. On the other hand, if you are a gun collector and would like to display your collection to others, then a gun cabinet is the option to go for.

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