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How To Choose Calibers – A Guide For New Shooters

We’re often asked about ways to determine the best calibers for a new shooter. Since new shooters don’t have the technical knowledge about weapons, they need to be highly cautious when deciding. A caliber that makes the shooting experience enjoyable should be your priority from the start. We recommend experienced shooters try the gun first before handing it over to first-timers. This way, they can watch you shoot and know what to expect from using the weapon. As a first-timer, you should be willing to learn more and ask questions; you’re bound to learn from each bit of shared information. Eagle Arms in Allentown, PA, can guide you in selecting calibers and provides a wide range of firearms for new shooters.

Less Recoil

Reduced recoil loads offer many benefits for both first-time and experienced shooters. Even the most experienced shooters sometimes shy away from shooting full-power loads. Although it is easy to manage recoil, it can be difficult for a new shooter to do so.

Reduced recoil loads are ideal for first-time shooters. The 0.243 Winchester and the 0.300 Winchester Mag offer light-for-caliber bullets with lower muzzle velocities thanks to the specially blended power charges designed to reduce recoil by almost 50 percent. The reduced recoil at both ends of the rifle reduces the effective range; however, the loads still have enough power to take on game at a reasonable range.

Straight Wall Cartridges

Straight-wall cartridges offer several benefits; however, you need to ensure there are no legal implications of using them in your state. The main advantage of straight-wall cartridges compared to slug-fired shotguns is the accuracy they offer.

Although many factors affect the accuracy levels, including the shooter’s skill level, it is a widely accepted fact that a straight-wall round is more accurate and reliable than a shotgun sling.

The Suppressor

Suppressors are devices attached to a firearm to reduce muzzle flash and sound when the gun fires. Although there is extensive paperwork required for using suppressors, it is an excellent choice for first-time shooters.

Suppressors help in reducing the bullet’s noise and also enhance the bullet’s speed significantly. Suppressors muffle the firearm’s noise by at least 14-15 decibels. Not only do suppressors reduce the noise frequency, but they’re also much more user-friendly as they reduce kickback and gun impact.

Adding a suppressor to your gun results in a more effortless shooting experience. Even the most experienced shooters are not immune to recoil effects; adding a suppressor to the firearm makes it easier to shoot and improves accuracy levels.

The 350 Legend and the 6.5 Creedmoor are examples of calibers that offer easy-to-use features for beginners. If you’re looking for exciting new firearm options that are easy to use and suitable for your needs, Eagle Arms is the place to be. We offer the folks of Allentown, PA a range of modern firearms and ammunition and special consultation to help them select a gun that fits their needs the best.

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