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Hunting Rifles Near Philadelphia, PA: For the Avid Hunter

If you’re looking for hunting rifles near Philadelphia, PA, you know that there’s so much to choose from it’s hard to know where to start. Let us help!

Hunting Rifles Near Philadelphia, PA for the Avid Hunter

For Those on a Budget

There are lots of budget options out there, but only some are hidden gems. We’ve got two recommendations:

Tikka T3X Lite

This Finnish-made rifle is imported by Beretta and is accurate, with a smooth bolt action, and very light at just under 6.5 pounds. It’s all synthetic, of course (no wood stock here), so it’s not the most beautiful rifle to look at, but it’s great on the wallet and will serve you just as well as something three times the price in terms of accuracy.

Howa 1500 Hogue

This is not a great rifle; but it’s a really good one. It’s going to weigh between 6.5 and 7 pounds, depending on caliber, and it’s solid, reliable, has good action, and isn’t hard to reload. It’s accurate, and while the non-essential parts feel cheap and plastic (because they are), that’s just to save you money. The bits that matter, like the bolt, receiver, and hammer, are all forged and will take anything you can throw at them.

For Those Who Love a Classic

They’re classics because they have proven performance, and here’s two to try:

Savage 99

If you were a hunter 100 years ago in America, this was the rifle to have. Even today it’s hard to beat this for portability and accuracy. For something reliable that you can take anywhere, you can’t beat it.

Winchester Lever Action

It’s hard not to know about these unless you’re absolutely brand new to guns, but the 1892 or 1894 lever action short rifles are very worth having. These rifles are compact, smooth, and just beautiful.

For Those Shooting at Long Range

Long-range hunting presents unique difficulties. Try one of these:

Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP

This is a great value for this type of gun, with action you can count on and great accuracy. It comes with a Vortex scope and an AccuTrigger, and you can get it in 21 different chamberings. The stock is adjustable, and it’s just a solid, decently priced gun.

Gunworks Nexus

If you have some money, this is the gun to beat. Switch out barrels with nothing more than a T25 wrench, and its aluminum action is smooth and performs while keeping the weight way down. It’s also dead easy to clean.

Any of these beauties will do for the right person, so why not add to your collection? Come talk to us at Eagle Arms Sport Shop, and we can tell you more about the best hunting rifles in Philadelphia, PA.