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Milsurp Collector? Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Your Collection Robust!

Milsurp collecting is a popular hobby, and for a good reason! These firearms offer collectors a unique opportunity to own pieces of history. However, if you want to maintain your collection in excellent shape, you must take care of it.

Eagle Arms will discuss keeping your milsurp collection robust in this blog post. We will also provide some information on how to clean and maintain your weapons to look and function like new ones!

Permanently remove the Cosmoline first:

Cosmoline is the black, sticky material found on nearly every military surplus weapon. It was created as a moisture barrier to protect the weapon from the environment during long-term storage.

For both safety and cosmetic reasons, it is critical to remove Cosmoline from the handgun before attempting to test fire it.

Always clean thoroughly:

Cosmoline was designed to settle in all areas, including the trigger group, cocking piece, striker, etc. If these parts are not well cleaned, they may not work correctly, resulting in stiff action, failure to load, eject, and fire.

So, at the very least, if the rifle is not a museum-quality valuable collector piece purchased only for exhibition purposes, we strongly advise bringing it to a gunsmith for thorough stripping and cleaning.

Use the correct materials:

Milsurp collection owners are renowned for attempting to create their cleaning solutions. Don’t do it. For regular maintenance, products made expressly for cleaning, lubricating, and safeguarding your rifles are the safest alternative. 

 A rifle must withstand severe heat, friction, high-speed movement in the barrel, and corrosion, so only firearm-specific fluids and lubricants should be used.

You should always trust a reliable vendor with your rifle cleaning and maintenance services.

Remove any dents and damage:

If the first cleaning does not remove all of the dings and dents from the riffle, steam can be used to remove the majority of them. Moisten a shop rag and lay it over the troublesome dent, then use a soldering iron or clothes iron to softly heat the area to elevate the dent, being cautious not to heat for too long as this can fracture the wood part. This will only work on minor flaws; major dents or chips must be recognized as part of the rifle’s history.

Keep a check on your collection:

While experienced hunters know to inspect their firearms before and after each use, those who carry for other reasons may be unaware that we should be doing so. Most of the time, rifles and firearms that sit in a holster are victims of their surroundings, clogged with dirt or even rust. Daily carriers should examine their firearms at the finish of each day, while those stored at home should be inspected monthly.


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