Allentown, PA Handguns from Eagle Arms

Handguns from Eagle Arms of Allentown, PA

Handguns available today from Eagle Arms of Allentown, PA. Get all the guns and minor gunsmithing you could ever need at Eagle Arms, all at a very reasonable price bringing you the best overall value. We offer a wide variety of handguns for your needs, with prices ranging from $359.95 to $1699.95. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and always aim to exceed your expectations. 

Eagle Arms strives to provide Allentown, PA with the best options available, and provide a wealth of knowledge to help you make the best choice for your home protection needs. Our staff know that your needs matter the most, and work hard to help you make the most educated decision possible on a new handgun. We offer budget friendly, and high end options for all preferences.

Our highly experienced team of enthusiasts take everything into consideration when providing you choices on a new handgun. Oftentimes fit matters the most, so we make sure that the handgun feels right in your hands. If the handgun is too large, it won’t be as easily accessible for when you may need it the most. Usually every customer in Allentown, PA has a certain preference, so we like to work from your specific choices to make additional educated suggestions. To view a list of our available handguns, check them out here: Our team is standing by to help you find the perfect handgun for your needs, and are open from 10:30AM to 5PM on most days. Feel free to stop by anytime, and our team will help you with all of your handgun related needs.