Eagle Arms Sports Shop: Ammunition Store in Breinigsville, PA

Eagle Arms Sports Shop: Ammunition Store in Breinigsville, PA

The commercial ammunition sales industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, driven by increasing demand from recreational shooters, hunters, law enforcement agencies, and personal protection. 

Established in 1987, Eagle Arms Sports Shop has served the local shooting community for over three decades. Over the years, we have built a reputation as one of the go-to stores for guns, ammunition, and accessories in Breinigsville, PA. 

One reason Eagle Arms Sports Shop is a top ammunition store in Breinigsville is the variety of ammunition we offer. We have a vast selection of ammunition from all the leading brands, such as Federal, Winchester, Hornady, and Remington, among many others. Whether you are looking for a rifle, handgun, shotgun, or rimfire ammunition, you can trust that you will find it at Eagle Arms Sports Shop. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the right shot for your firearm, ensuring you get the most out of your hunting or shooting experience. We understand that not all ammunition brands work for every gun, and sometimes you need custom or specialty ammo to get the most out of your firearm. That’s why we offer custom reloading services for all calibers. 

Our Eagle Arms Sports Shop staff knows that ammunition is only one part of owning a gun. That’s why we also offer expert gunsmithing services, where we can repair, clean, modify, or customize your firearm, making it more accurate, efficient, and fun to shoot. We also offer scope mounting and bore sighting services to ensure that your scope is accurately mounted and your shots are on target.

We care about the safety and well-being of their customers; that’s why they offer gun safety courses to educate people about firearms and the importance of proper handling, storage, and maintenance. 

Why Eagle Arms Sports Shop is One Of The Best Ammunition Stores in Breinigsville

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Extensive selection of ammunition
  • Convenient location
  • Competitive pricing

If you are looking for an ammunition store in Breinigsville, PA, look no further than Eagle Arms Sports Shop. With our vast selection of ammunition brands, custom reloading services, gunsmithing, and safety courses, you can count on us as your one-stop shop for all your gun needs. We are open seven days a week at 9332 Hamilton Boulevard, Breinigsville, PA. So, visit us and take your gun ownership experience to the next level.