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Shotgun Vs. Rifle: Which Is Better For Home Defense?

As arms and ammunition experts, we’re frequently asked, which is better, shotgun or rifle? Our response to this generic inquiry is another question: Better for what purpose?

Shotguns and rifles were made for entirely different purposes; a shotgun, for instance, is vastly superior to the rifle for shooting aerial targets and hunting birds. On the other hand, the rifle offers a precise shooting experience and is ideal for firing at longer ranges.

While there’s no disagreement on the varied advantages of different firearms, discussions on the best home defense gun are often subject to many heated debates. In this blog post, we’ll clear the air around the differences between the shotgun and rifle and suggest the best choice for home defense. Once you know which weapon is better suited for your purpose, you can visit Eagle Arms and purchase the gun of your choice. We serve customers from Gettysburg and other parts of Pennsylvania.

The Differences

As mentioned, hunting and self-defense are vastly different experiences. Shotguns have been designed for close-quarters shooting covering a wider area. On the other hand, Rifles were made to take distant targets from long ranges and offer a more precise shooting experience than shotguns. Shotguns also tend to be much heavier than rifles which makes them harder to carry around. When comparing shotgun and rifle, there’s no single answer as to the best home defense weapon since each has its own set of strengths that make it better suited for specific purposes.

Advantages of Using Shotguns for Home Defense

  • Shotguns are easier to use with less recoil.
  • Shotguns have a more comprehensive range of ammunition which gives homeowners more options for their defense.
  • Shotguns change the way you shoot because they don’t require precise aiming, whereas rifles need better aiming, so accuracy isn’t as crucial for shotguns, and this makes them generally better at close ranges.

Advantages of Using Rifles for Home Defense

  • Shotguns can only shoot a few rounds before reloading, while rifles can shoot more rounds in succession.
  • Shotguns are less accurate than rifles at close range because of their spread shot pattern and short barrel length – this is an advantage for self-defense inside your home or car.
  • Shotguns do not allow you to aim with precision like a rifle. You must be within 50 yards on average or risk missing your target entirely if they are further away from you outside the house or vehicle. Rifles give you better accuracy over longer distances which may help when shooting multiple intruders wearing body armor.

What Do We Suggest?

Shotguns give you more options to protect yourself and your family with fewer shots fired, which is safer for both the shooter and their opponent. Shotguns are also easier for novice shooters because they have a wider spread than rifles, so it’s less likely that inexperienced shooters will miss their target altogether.

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