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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Storing Your Ammunition Safely

All gun owners can relate to safe ammo storage. No matter what you do, there is always that nagging feeling that won’t go away at night. Did I put it right? Is it safe inside its storage?

We at Eagle Arms, serving Lebanon, know the feeling. In this blog post, we have accumulated some dos and don’ts of storing ammunition safely. You are bound to sleep better at night after giving these a read. 

A Do – Use Ammo Cans to Store Your Ammunition

Sure, ammo cans are specifically made for holding all sorts of ammunition. But if you don’t have any and do not have the time to buy some, regular, air-tight containers will suffice. Opt for Tupperware, even. They lock air out with food storage, which will also apply for ammo.

Storage depends on your ammunition needs. If you have an overload of magazines and insufficient space to store them, you might find the need to switch to big air-tight boxes instead. 

Put Your Ammo In a Temperature-Controlled Zone – A Do

It would help if you created a neutral temperature environment for your ammunition. Wherever this is, it needs to be neither too hot nor cold. Better low, in fact, than high as some ammo comes imbued with chemical primer and powder. These deteriorate faster when the temperature is higher. 

Storage at room temperature is what is the recommended normal. 

Silica Gel is Definitely a Do

Most home-delivered items come with small packs of silica. Don’t throw these away! Silica is an absorbent. It will absorb any moisture that may find its way inside your ammo storage. To safely use silica gel, you will need to dry it up a bit – put the packs in your microwave oven for a round. Once dried up, put them in the cans or boxes where you are storing your ammo. 

Cardboard and Factory Boxes Are a Don’t 

The boxes in which your ammo is shipped may seem like the perfect storage option; they are very eco-friendly, and you wouldn’t need to find anything else. However, these boxes do not offer the required protection from corrosion and degradation – not like ammo containers and silica gel. So, do not store your ammo in cardboard boxes. 

Leave Your Ammo Alone

We know you’re a worrywart and cannot help yourself from checking up on your ammo. But believe us when we tell you; frequently opening and closing your ammo cans and storage lids will allow moisture to slip in. Yes, this is the moisture you are trying hard to keep out. Only open the storage when you need your ammunition. 

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