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The Glock 17 Or Infamous 1911? Launching The Discussion Into 2022!

The semiautomatic pistol is more than just a weapon used in countless movies and video games. It’s also an item that many people carry every day, whether for sport shooting or self-defense purposes. The semiautomatic pistol is such a standard firearm that you can find them at sporting goods stores across the country! But which semiautomatic pistol should you choose? The weapons experts at Eagle Arms, serving Reading, PA, discuss two popular semiautomatic pistols: the Glock 17 and Colt 1911.

The Beginnings

The Glock 17 was first released in 1982 and has been a popular choice for semiautomatic pistols ever since. It’s a lightweight weapon that is easy to use and highly accurate. The Glock 17 also has a large magazine capacity, perfect for self-defense.

Glock 17 was designed for reliability, and it has become a favorite choice for law enforcement officers and civilians alike.

The Colt 1911, meanwhile, is a classic semiautomatic pistol that was first released in 1911 and is still hugely popular today. It’s been used by the military and police forces worldwide for more than 100 years! The Colt 1911 is known for its extreme accuracy, durability, and high magazine capacity – just like the Glock 17!

The Big Question of Choice

Which semiautomatic gun should you choose? The answer depends on your personal preferences for semiautomatic pistols. If you’re looking for something lightweight with an impressive magazine capacity, then go with the Glock 17. However, if you want something more proven or prefer semiautomatics from longstanding brands without sacrificing accuracy or performance capabilities, opt for the Colt 1911 instead!

Learn How They Work

One of the significant advantages of 1911 is that it can be carried cocked and locked, providing an extra safety level for the user. Many semiautomatic pistols aren’t held in this fashion.

Moreover, 1911 is a single-action handgun. The slide must be racked or “cocked” back, which also cocks the hammer. The slide moves forward as it is released by the slide release lever, stripping a cartridge round from the magazine’s top and chambering it into the pistol. This places the weapon in a state, ready to fire.

The Glock is available in several calibers and configurations, from service versions intended to hang from utility belts to subcompacts carried beneath clothing. Additionally, with a round in the chamber, a Glock pistol is double-action, which means all the shooter has to do is squeeze the trigger. The weapon will discharge, eject the spent cartridge and reload a fresh round from the magazine, ready to be fired again. Factory magazines may contain 10 or 13 rounds.

The Gist

The 1911 and the Glock pistols are frequently contrasted; 1911 is a historical relic with modern-day uses with modern applications as a tool. The Glock is a stylish piece of equipment. Some people prefer apples to oranges; others adore both, while still others like them both.

No matter which semiautomatic pistol you choose, make sure to get proper training on how to use it safely and effectively! Remember – your life may depend on it. Serving Reading, PA, Eagle Arms stocks an expansive inventory of handguns. Get in touch with the owner and have your queries answered. Browse new guns.