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Tips And Tricks You Must Remember When Teaching Shooting To Your Young Ones

Gun safety should be the first thing on your agenda when introducing your kids to shooting. As a teacher and a parent aware of the consequences of gun accidents, you need to inform your children of the severe repercussions of improper gun handling. It is essential to make your kids realize that they should not take guns as just another piece of sports equipment. This is serious stuff that demands caution and restraint from the young ones.

After you instill the much-needed sense of discipline in your kids, it is time to move on and teach them the basics of gun shooting. While transferring a passion into your child can be an exciting endeavor, it requires patience and discipline from your end. Shooting sessions can be a great way to bond with your children, which you will miss out on by signing them up for professional shooting coaching.

While you can always impart your knowledge of shooting to the children, here are some tips to help your kids master the art from a young age.

Use the Right Gun

When using a firearm, you need to start your kids off with a small manageable weapon. A 2.2 caliber rifle is the ideal choice for first-timers, thanks to the soft recoil. Ensure the gun is a proper fit; if it’s too long, your kids will have a hard time learning to handle it properly. If you live in or around Lake Harmony, you can contact Eagle Arms for professional weapon suggestions.

A comfortable fit means that your kids will have no problems managing it and be confident shooting it. Avoid using pistols though, pistols have a shorter radius and are generally harder to maintain.


In addition to ensuring a safe environment, you should also remember that it takes time for first-timers to learn something from the beginning. This is why patience is vital, don’t pressure your kids to start shooting if they’re not ready to pick up a weapon both mentally and physically.

Knowing when is the right time to take them to the shooting course depends more on your children than you. Children who show an early interest in the sport are likely to learn quicker than their laid-back siblings.

Getting the Fundamentals Right

While kids are great observers themselves, you need to ensure that they learn the fundamentals of shooting from the beginning. Remember to cover the basics at all times, which includes handling both loaded and unloaded firearms. Tell them the correct position and how to breathe correctly while squeezing the trigger. If you don’t feel confident teaching these tricks yourself, hire an instructor or call another family member to do so, but avoid missing out on these sessions as they can be an essential learning curve for your children.

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