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Top 3 Guns For Survival: Your Guide To Firepower

Whether it’s the world war, zombie apocalypse, or an alien invasion, you can feel confident and secure with your favorite gun beside you.

The best guns for survival are the ones that will help you get out of challenging situations. You want to make sure your gun is reliable, robust, and accurate. Read on as we discuss three excellent guns that will give you the firepower needed for any situation!

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1) Glock 17

This is an excellent option for survival because it can shoot both regular and less-lethal rounds. You can use it in close quarters against humans or on animals that are attacking you with little to no trouble at all! It’s also easy to maintain, which means there won’t be any stoppages when you need the gun most.

The Glock 17 may not have as much firepower as some of its competitors, but it makes up for what it lacks in power by being lighter in weight and more accurate, so your shots count every time. It holds 15 rounds – plus one round chambered -and weighs under two pounds with a loaded magazine, making it an excellent gun for camping trips where hauling gear will wear you out quickly.

2) Kel-Tec PMR -30

This handgun is made out of polymer, which may not be as strong as metal, but it is just as durable and lightweight.

The PMR-30 holds 30 rounds of .22 ammo plus one in the chamber, meaning you’ll have plenty of rounds for whatever comes your way without having to reload often. It also has a threaded barrel for screwing on silencers or other accessories like lasers, flashlights, etc., so you can customize your gun depending on what works best for the situation at hand!

It weighs about two pounds unloaded, making it very easy to carry around while hunting or hiking through rough terrain where every ounce counts!

3) Marlin 336 Dark

This is one of the favorite survival guns of America’s hunters and outdoors people alike. The Marlin 336 Dark is made of light yet durable steel that can withstand the bumps and knocks from any hunting or survival situation. The trigger pull is easy to use, making it perfect for people with limited hand strength or small hands who may have difficulty handling heavier guns without accidentally shooting themselves!

This rifle has a 24-inch barrel, so you’ll be able to shoot targets at further distances than most rifles while still being accurate up close.

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