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Top 4 Uses For A Handgun

If you’re looking for the best home defense weapons, a handgun is your best bet. Although shotguns and rifles are also very effective at self-defense, they require more training to be accurate. The good thing about handguns is that they provide many other uses as well!

In this blog post, we’ll talk about four different uses people have found for their handguns, from home defense to hunting. You can also get advice from a seasoned arms and ammunitions store like Eagle Arms in Bloomsburg, PA.

1) Personal Protection

The first and most obvious use for a handgun is personal protection. It’s the perfect weapon if you’re looking to defend yourself, your family, or your property from an intruder.

Another reason why people choose handguns over shotguns and rifles is because they are often easier to conceal at home. Handguns can fit into smaller places like cabinets, pockets, purses, etc., while also lightweight enough for one-handed operation during combat situations. In addition, many types of guns require two hands when loading shells onto them, which could leave someone without any defense against their attacker in the critical seconds before firing.

2) Convenient to Use and Carry

Shooting a handgun is much easier than shooting a rifle or shotgun, especially when loading shells. While the amount of pressure needed for each weapon varies depending on model and make, the difference in recoil (the backward force felt by the shooter) between guns can be considerable. A typical .45 caliber pistol might have only 20% more recoil than an AR-15 with standard rounds despite its more significant punch because of how quickly it turns them into fireballs. 

Handguns are also convenient to carry on long tours in far-flung unsafe areas.

3) Survival

Handguns are a lightweight choice for survivalists. The weight of a handgun is negligible, and you can store it easily in a backpack, boot, or glove compartment as the situation dictates. The best thing about handguns is how easy it is to store ammo because there are so many options, from small-caliber hollow points like .380 ACP up to powerful magnum rounds like 45-caliber S&W 500s.

4) Competitive Shooting

Since a handgun is significantly more manageable than other firearm types, it makes for the perfect introduction to competitive shooting! You can compete in numerous games and shooting competitions with your handgun and have a lot of fun.

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